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Ringtone Composer Guide
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Composer Ringtone and Composer mobile Guide, brilliant of Ringtone nokia polyphonic Guide for free to get Ringtone Composer Guide   to your Nokia Phone.

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Ringtone Composer Guide

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If your phone has Composer, you can enter one ringing tone of your own by inputting the text into the Composer. The name of the tone is shown last in the tone list.

To enter ringtones into your phone, using Nokia Composer, access:




Creating a new ringing tone

When you enter this function, the tone that you created previously is shown, if available.

To enter a new or edit an existing tone:

1. Enter the desired notes


1 for note c
2 for note d
3 for note e
4 for note f
5 for note g
6 for note a
7 for note b
0 for a p (pause = "Rest")

( ) A number between brackets, i.e. (5) means hold the key until a dot appears.

The phone plays each note after it is entered (unless the phone tones are off).

2. To adjust the characteristics of the note, do as follows:

Note duration: 8 shortens (-) and 9 lengthens (+) the duration of the note or rest. The default duration is 1/4. The duration is shown in front of the note, e.g. 16d denotes a note d with duration1/16.

Rest: 0 inserts a rest (i.e. pause) of the same duration as the previous note. The default duration of a rest is one quarter note (1/4). The rest is indicated by the - character.
Octave: *+ sets the octave for new notes. The octave is shown as a number after the note (e.g. e1).
Pitch: # makes the note sharp (indicated by # in front of the note), e.g. #f. The pitch selection is not available for notes e and b.

3. To edit the notes, do as follows: Use the arrows to move the cursor right or left, respectively. C deletes a note or a rest to the left.

4. After you have completed the tone, press Options, choose one of the functions below, and press OK.

Play??? : Plays back the notes to the left of the cursor.
Save??? : Allows you to name the tone and add it to the ringing tone list.
Tempo??? : Allows you to select the desired tempo for the tone (in beats per minute).
Send??? : Allows you to send the tone to another phone.
Clear Screen??? : Deletes all the notes from the display.

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