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Ringtone Keypress Guide
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Keypress Ringtone and Keypress mobile Guide, brilliant of Ringtone nokia polyphonic Guide for free to get Ringtone Keypress Guide   to your Nokia Phone.

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Ringtone Keypress Guide

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Ringtones are categorised by artist, just click on the letter of the artist to list the ringtones.

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Key Press format ringtones can be entered manually by keying in the correct sequence.

When you key in the sequence the code of the built in composer appears on the display.

Using this method it is possible to input up to 50 notes for each ringtone.

Tempo is the rate given in beats per minute and can range from 40 to 225.

Composing a Ringtone At the start screen press the menu key then 1 then 0
The blank composer screen will now appear.
Enter the notes for your ringtone by pressing the keys.
When all of the notes have been entered press :: Options :: Play :: Save Tempo will appear.

To Insert Pauses and Sharps
Pressing 0 will insert brief pauses between the notes, these are also known as rests, you can Press 8 to make the rests shorter, or 9 to make them longer.
To make the note sharp press the # key.

Note Definitions
Duration :: The first number indicates how long the note lasts, smaller numbers last longer
1 - Whole Note
2 - Half Note
4 - Quarter Note
8 - Eighth Note
16 - Sixteenth Note
32 - Thirty-Secondth Note
The next note entered keeps the same duration as the previous note. Press 9 to make it longer or 8 to make the note shorter.
To erase one note press the clear key (press repeatedly to erase multiple notes).
Octave :: This is the pitch of the note, the higher the number the higher the pitch, Press * to select the octave range.

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